Welcome, to the InspiredPlanet Project – for a Healthy Planet with happy healthy people.
Here share our vision with you, our greatest dream, a global idea. 
Greetings & sunshine, Antonia & Ana

The InspiredPlanet Vision:

We see a huge international network, where people, projects, scientists, communities and existing networks are being connected, solutions to global challenges are developed and the global community grows strong. And – we TAKE ACTION towards a Healthy Inspired Planet!

We have three main goals:

  1. to create a strong, supportive, inspiring and motivating global community
  2. to support people and projects related to our fields of interest
  3. to inspire & organize Events and Action-Taking towards a healthy planet with happy people.

There are so many great movements around the globe, so much knowledge, so much enthusiasm and so much willingness to take action. But most of these people or networks are not connected yet, the synergies are not yet found. Because of this, many projects consume much more energy and effort than needed.

It´s our goal to find these synergies, to connect the people who work on the same subjects and to create a global movement of active change makers.

  “We see people all over the world weaving their magic together and taking action!

We envision “8 Ways of making positive Changes – for a truly InspiredPlanet”:
1. connecting all kinds of existing networks & communities,
2. embracing opportunities to support each other,
3. connecting scientists; with each other, to communities and to the public,
4. finding synergies in research of health/learning/consciousness/living/science/economy
5. exchanging ideas and knowledge of a sustainable, healthy, abundant, positive life,
6. finding solutions to global challenges by bringing experts together (now and in Oct)
7. supporting the Planet in loving, caring ways,
creating a global community with healthy communication, and then:

WE – TOGETHER – TAKE ACTION towards a Healthy Inspired Planet.